Why do we wait so long at the Pharmacy? To what extent Capsule mobile application is relevant?

For over a decade, the pharmaceutical world faced profound changes, particularly with respect to the increase and diversification of drug treatments, the heaviness of some multi-medicated folders or the pharmacist getting new powers and responsibilities (law 41). Consequently, prescriptions analysis becomes more complex and requires more attention. The analysis of the patient folder is just one of the many tasks done by the pharmacist when you wait in the waiting room. He must respond to the demands and questions of health care professionals, in addition to giving advice to other patients (on-site or not). In short, the pharmacist has never been so necessary.

Currently, the patient must demonstrate more patience than ever so the pharmacist can do his job properly.

Thus, when you send your new prescription by the mobile application Capsule, the pharmacist:

  • Examines your folder and your medication dosage, contraindications, interactions, etc.
  • Communicates with your doctor to ensure that you receive the appropriate treatment.
  • Captures all the data and transmits your claim to your insurer.
  • Gives you the necessary explanations so that you take your medication safely and effectively. (Source AQPP)

On a more humorous note, we suggest you consult the comic strip of the “Pharmachien” on waiting in pharmacy.

Capsule offers an alternative to reach the needs of patients and those of their pharmacist. It allows the patient to limit its waiting time while allowing the pharmacist to do their job without any additional pressure.

We hope that you no longer have to wait too long with our Capsule application! But, if this is the case, believe us; your pharmacy team did the utmost to process your requests as quickly and properly as possible. Remember to tell them thank you! 

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